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2022 SPIDER RIDE September 15th-18th


REGISTRATION IS OPEN and on the event calendar.

The 2022, SPIDER RIDE is scheduled for September 15th-18th at HUZZAH VALLEY RESORT in Steelville, MO. At this time the rally will have the same format as previous years. Thursday meals are your on your own. Breakfast is provided Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Dinner is provided on Friday and Saturday evenings. Soft drinks and water will be provided all weekend. The format and meal selection could to change depending on the circumstances in September. However, riding in the area is always great!

This year I have moved the camping area next to PAVILION #2 in the grassy area across from the cabins. (See map on the registration page) This will make it MUCH EASIER to access meals, drinks and you will have a slightly shorter walk to the shower house and restrooms. Most importantly everyone will be located in one general area making it a better environment to hang out and meet people.

Please book your cabin or tent camping reservations at: huzzahvalley.com or call 800-367-4516.

I am also planning to prepare our own meals to keep the registration costs ($45) the same as previous years. In doing so I will need volunteers to help with:

*washing dishes/utensils
*serving meals
*Cooking and meal preparation
*general clean up

If you are interested in helping, please indicate your preference at the end of the registration page, THANK YOU.
Help has never been an issue in the past. I'm sure we will have enough volunteers that you would be helping only one meal for the weekend. Thank You in advance for helping to make this another special event for everyone.

Let's make this a big event and get your friends to attend. If you have any questions email or call/text me at 314-606-2233.
In the meantime take care of yourself and see you there!!
Gary Mazzola
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Thanks Steve. Looking forward to seeing you in the dinner serving line again. We barely made it last year without your help;).

We got 11 registered exactly one month before the event. Working on the food menu right now. I promise you'll have awesome meals and you won't go hungry. LET'S GET MORE PEOPLE REGISTERED SO I KNOW HOW MUCH FOOD TO ORDER.

This year there is another attraction that is truly a must see. www.classicbikehq.com
This museum has approximately 150 motorcycles on display and is located in a new building about ONE HOUR from Huzzah Valley. This is a private collection with hours on Thursday from 10:00-3:00 and Saturday from 10:00-2:00. The $10 admission fee is donated to their various charities. There are some good roads to follow after your museum visit.

I've been to this museum when it was located in south St. Louis, MO Lots of cool bikes from our childhoods and maybe a few you may have or still own. Check out the website. If you have additional questions, Jack Gindra has more information. (cogrides@yahoo.com)

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hoping for a big crowd again.


Just signed up Joane will shortly.
Attached is a zip file containing some routes in the area. They are in three formats. Microsoft Streets & Tips, Garmin - GDB, and Generic GPX. They are in a zipped file. If you can't get them loaded I will be at the Event and can help you there.


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