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420 mile loop around Western Colorado 9-16-2020


420 Mile Western Colorado Ride Today

After a couple of crystal clear days, woke up to modest smoke this morning. Had the day off so decided at the last minute to head out at 10 am.
Telluride down valley to Placerville, new pavement, nice twistys, scenic red rock canyon.
Placerville to Ridgway up over Dallas Divide, Classic Colorado cruising.
Ridgway to Montrose, the only straight droning section of the whole day, 25 miles.
Montrose to Blue Mesa Dam, High speed sweepers, new pavement and scenic.
Blue Mesa Dam to Crawford via North Rim Black Canyon rd. This is a super good section, Million linked together curves! No gravel or LEO's.
West towards Delta and then a right turn up into Cedaredge and up onto Grand Mesa. This is also a really good section, good curves and scenic, a high speed section if you like. Up on top of Grand Mesa you top out at 10,800' Cool up there.
Going down the northside near Powderhorn ski area you come to the village of Mesa. Riding off the mesa is very nice.
Down below Mesa to I-70 into this canyon section is one of the best roads in the state, constant radius, moderate to high speed cruising, makes you feel like your on a GP course!
I-70 west to Grand Junction to Hwy 50 south to Whitewater, then west on 141 to Gateway on to Naturita, a 90 mile super awesome section of hwy, this section from Whitewater to Naturita via Gateway. No traffic, almost zero.
People come from all over to ride this. Coming out of corner doing 90+, there was a trooper sitting on the side of the road with his lights on.
I clamped on the brakes and looked at him and kept going. A mile further there was a Tesla truck photo shoot going on. I think the Trooper was just running interference for the photo shoot. Onwards home to Telluride via Naturita, Redvale and Norwood.
All in all a very pleasant day on the Connie!!
I've got on a new set of Dunlop RS2's, nice tires.
Stats: 420 miles, 8:30 hrs
2014 C-14
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COG Southwest Area Director
Great report Nick!! Love those roads I have been on a few of them! That part on the 141 to Gateway on to Naturita is one road I would love to go on!! Just looked at the map! I would never would have thought of riding that road! Cool stuff! That's a super way to spend a day!


Must be nice to have rides like that so close.
By the way can you put the fires out or at least keep the smoke. I smell it
here in Michigan.


We rode most of those roads last month. Wow... great roads.
Unfortunately not close as I live in Houston. Hope to go again next year.

Ride safe, Ted


Spent 6 days in SW Co and E UT in July. Just came down from the front range since the wife had never been down there. Had a great ride and discovered Cottonwood Pass is now all paved from Buena Vista to Taylor Park.its a great ride now.