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A scary proposition

Steve in sunny Fla

Iron Butt
Industry Vendor
    For many folks, the idea of pulling your bike's brains out and sending them to me for a personality infusion is a pretty scary proposition. Based on the amount who have done it , I guess it's a surmountable obstacle  ;) . I just wanted everyone to know I'm here as I always have been; and I'm fully accessible to any questions you might have.

  I would suggest you read "My Tuning Methodology" so you know how I tune and what I think is important. After reading that, you may have questions. Well, the way I feel about questions is that if you can coherently ask them, then they deserve a response, and I will give you the most honest answer I can.

  Now understand, I will not give the "7 spices" in my linger lickin' chickin'. in other words, I won't be posting up my maps for you to peruse. But I will be transparent and honest about any aspect of dealing with me, from  how to request the info to ship your ECU, payment, the procedure, what to expect , what if there's a problem in shipping, or how the flash was made.

  It is important to me that you know you are dealing with an honest and upright person. I have over a decade of providing services and products to the COG community, and my standards are as high now as they ever were. Hold me accountable in word and deed, I can stand the heat - in fact I live for it. Every bit of work that goes out of my shop has my name on it. I do not take that lightly, and it's no more or less than you should expect of me. Your support over these years has made Shoodaben Engineering successful, and I am always grateful for that.