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All Hail to SISF aka she's alive

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So my carbs came back from Steve, SISF, a few weeks back but couldn't find the time or the weather to get out and install them.
Did a spark plug exchange, clean the new petcock and cleaned the fuel tank per his instructions.
Worked yesterday as the weather was in the mid-70's and beautiful. As opposed to the mid-40's and 50's that have been hanging around Western North Carolina lately.
Put some 90 octane non ethanol in and started her up.
Came up to idle quite quickly and ran nice.
Took it up and down the road and went thru 3 gears with no sputs, sputters or anything wrong.
Now all I have to do is put the plastic back on and look forward to fall.
That and all the fun I installed. SISF performance sprocket, 2 minute mod, Jet-Hot coated headers, valve adjustment.

BIG THANKS TO STEVE  :beerchug:  :beerchug: :beerchug:
And of course all here that sent ideas and tips during this time.
Yall rock :motonoises: :great: ;)
Not open for further replies.