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Alleghenies PA


2andBlue & Grandpa Denny criss-crossed Northern PA Alleghenies Sat, 22-Aug.

Gertrude (Voyager) was a little under the weather until a quick roadside carb flush leapt the Gazallephant to a spirited ride from mountain tops to river bottoms.  Grandpa Denny good work!

PA Routes 44, 144, 872, 120 can not go wrong linking together Williamsport; Coudersport; Emporium;  Renovo and Lock Haven PA.  Philadelphia area and back was exactly 600 mile ride for the day - great times!

Shout out to Grandpa Denny and Gertrude for hitching a fellow motorcyclist during their time of need.

Beautiful sunset seen at Hyner overlook on way out of mtns.


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