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Alpine Stars Gear (Jacket sold)


I learned to ride on a 1997 Katana 600, graduated up to a 2001 R6 and then again to a 2007 R1. Learned a lot, had a TON of fun, but never used any of this gear to it's full potential (notice the knee sliders). I changed styles back in 2011 and my Concours is ridden in a much more "responsible", commute to work type fashion. Still a TON of fun on the non-work days, but this gear is NOT being used, so it's up for sale!

Jacket: Size 38 ($100 +/-) Sold 11/16/2019

Pants: Size 32 ($100 +/-)

Gloves: Size Medium ($25 +/-)

I will entertain reasonable offers!

If interested we can (privately) discuss shipping from Central California.

Rubber side down, shiny side up! :beerchug: