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Annitori Quick Shifter & Ivans Delkevic Full System Flash

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Finally completed the install on my 2009 C14.  A bit tight to get in there for the connectors (they are double now) but not impossible.
Flashlight doesn't help much. Get a pair or two of long needle nose pliers. I got 3 off the coil on the right and one on the left.
I removed the brackets under the mid fairing too.

Had a problem with the first wiring harness. One of the wires was loose from the connector. It made a misfire so it was not possible to check with the harness in place. I recommend giving all the wires a tug before installation.  I contacted Annitorri about the problem and they could not have been better. Next Day shipped a new harness. Stuff happens and they got right on it.

It's a really fun addition to have.  I slowed down the shift time and increased the sensitivity to suit me.

Some say it doesn't like the 1-2 shift but it works good on mine. Shifts are smoother in the upper gears as you'd imagine.

Works great with the flash. Really makes it sportier.  :motonoises: The flash really picked up the mid range and top end and man is it smooooth!

The header does lose a bit on the low end but I'm not below 3000rpms much unless in going two up then it doesn't matter much to me.

It's a nice combination for a sportier ride, or shift it normally and cruise.  ;)

Not open for further replies.