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Atlanta Metro Area (west GA/east AL) - need a favor - Givi Trunk


Need a favor from another Atlanta area member. I’d like to bring my new Givi top case to you and see if it mounts on your bike.

I’m having trouble with a Givi trunk. Bike came with a universal mount (wired for brake lights as well). I cannot get the new trunk I bought to mount. Initially (with some suggestion from coggers here) the thought was that since the plug (the blank you have to hammer out to make the hole in the bottom of the case to allow for the wiring plug on the plate to insert) was still in place on the bottom of the case, the rear mount was not “clicking” in. However, the LED kit came today and after mounting it all onto the new case, no dice. Same thing. Just won't attach to the rear post.

One of two possibilities - either the old universal plate that came with the bike is toast OR the new top case was defective from the factory. Another possibility is that I’m an idiot... this is the most likely one to be honest.

Anyway... anyone available in the near-ish future? I’m not in a rush (and busy at work) though if there is a defect, I’d like to be able to let Revzilla know ASAP.
Thanks in advance!


Southeast Area Director
I'm in Hall county (100 miles away). I have a Givi on my C-14 and had it on my C-10 on the Givi rack (E-128?) as well. I'm usually around. PM me if you want to get together.

Mine is an E 52 (I think) and the bottom plug is still there. I have it on a SW Motech plate mounted on a "Phil's rack."