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Beautiful 2010 Yellow Gold Wing-STILL IN WARRANTY!


Industry Vendor
This is the newest & Last YELLOW bike available, it lived in its box in AZ until Feb. 2012.

I’m moving to something smaller as I reached age 77 and the GW seems to get heavier every day. If you want to travel great distances in comfort this it the bike for you. My third GW, so I’ve learned what is needed for the most secure, comfortable ride. This bike is the culmination of all my experience.

Perfect condition. 35,300 miles, $12,900.
Second owner, I bought it with 7K miles on it. Under warranty till Feb. 10, 2019.

New Bridgestone tires, oil/filter change within 1K miles, using synthetic fluids.
Markland driver backrest, Madstad 12” & 14” windscreen, plus stock, perfect condition windscreen.
Chrome luggage rack and chrome fog-light lower. (original comes with bike)
PIAA running lights and strobe brake-lights.
Headlight covers. 
Hard copy Honda service manual.

Tapered roller bearing head-set.
"Progressive-suspension" Mono-Tubes front.
"Traxxion-Dynamics" billet triple-tree and fork-brace.
"Traxxion-Dynamics" rear spring & shock with fully-filled suspension pre-load.
This is about as good as you can get in the suspension department.

New tire-pressure sending units & battery last year.
The only flaw is a paint chip barely visible on Left mirror housing.

I set this bike up for great handling and driver/passenger comfort for long distance travel. Nearly all our trips are in the 6-8K mile range so it needs nothing.
This bike is ready for a cross-country trip with NO worries AND it’s still under warranty!

Located in Texas, south of DFW. Easy fly-in drive home.


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How much difference is there between the stock windshield and the madstad?  Have a buddy with a wing.  Love the madstad on my C10!