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BMW Halts Sales in United States Of All New Models

From comments on the article

This is blowback from VW Dieselgate. They're paranoid of not being in "compliance" now and need to show good faith that the moment they realized they were out of compliance they took extreme measures to fix the problem.

That would be my guess as well.
I had to sell back my diesel jetta that you could wipe the inside of the tail pipe and come up clean, then see trucks rolling coal and stink to high heaven. Go figure. They had to pay me way more than the car was worth at the time so I get it. Big slap on the hand for cheating.
I have a 1993 Ford F250 with the 7.3 IDI engine. It's bone stock. Any diesel engine without a turbo will roll coal at higher elevations (approximately 8,000 feet or higher) under even mild acceleration. Eastbound on I-70 on the grade approaching the Eisenhower tunnel back in the 80's almost every diesel pickup was smoking heavily and my '93 would still. I imagine we would get some disgusted looks and maybe even a few middle fingers from others on the road now. Here in Maine the '93 IDI doesn't smoke at all. Current diesel engines with all the emissions equipment and DEF don't have any visible smoke and many actually have a slight chlorine fragrance.