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Breakfast Run!! Southern California! Sunday September 4th! Labor Day Weekend Ride!


COG Southwest Area Director
It's that time again!! This is the 10th BR coming up this Sunday, September 4th! Come on out and participate! We are going to ride a traditional breakfast run with maybe a twist in the route. Looks like it's going to be very warm so my goal is to be home by 1pm. Breakfast is at 8:30am at the Landing Zone Cafe in Lake Elsinore and then KSU at 9:30am. We usually have breakfast but if you only want to ride that's great too! I hope we have many riders participate in this really fun ride! It's not an all day ride....we usually are home by 1-2pm. Register on the Event Calendar which has all the information you need. See you this Sunday! :cool: (y)
I was the only one that turned out for the Breakfast Run today. And all I did was take Ortega Highway to the Landing Zone Cafe to make sure if anyone showed up for breakfast I would join them. ;) No one did and so I headed home. It was going to be very hot today with high's in the 100's and Labor Day weekend caused many not to attend. I agree it was getting very steamy at 9:30am when I arrived home. Already over 100 degrees! Here are some pictures of my travels today. Have a super day!

Pictures 1 and 2- Lake Elsinore from South Divide Road Picture 3- The now closed Hells Kitchen Picture 4- Haffey Farms Mountain Market- Nice place to stop across from Hells Kitchen Picture 5- Looking west on Ortega Highway


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A few more... Picture 1- Looking west on Ortega Highway Picture 2- Casper's Regional Wilderness Park along Ortega Highway Picture 3- Dana Point late Saturday evening Picture 4- Dana Point late Saturday evening. Beautiful sunset along the water.


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What a good man Russ!
I rode to SANTA BARBARA yesterday to see my ill father in law. Part of the ride at 11 am was 106°. It was brutal.
What a good man Russ!
I rode to SANTA BARBARA yesterday to see my ill father in law. Part of the ride at 11 am was 106°. It was brutal.
Well you are even a better man to go visit your ill father in law. Hope he is getting better. It has been uncharacteristically hot for many days. You always get some hot weather but the last few weeks it's been day after day.