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C10 carb kits and fuel filter .


Just thought I'd share these products . Good stuff !




The kits were pretty decent and reasonable price .
I also replaced my fuel line with some Gates barricade fuel injection hose . It's supposed to be resistant to ethanol...we shall see .

When I bought the kits a couple weeks ago they were 11 bucks . Looks like the price went up on that link


that is a good price on those kits, but having done many many carbs, I prefer to use the OEM Kehien parts, in lieu of any off shoots like K&L. those used to be the common ones, but sometimes they were inconsitant in the little spring loaded pins on the float needles...
Murph caries the OEM stuff, for a slightly higher price, but I do trust the OEM parts a lot more when I buy them..

just tossing that out in case someone wants a link.

:great: :great: :great: :great: