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C10 guys..Need a screw kit.?.I got a deal for you


Street Cruiser
Industry Vendor
I'm in need of some magazine quality pictures of both our plain stainless and black stainless screw kits .. You buy the kit, give use the ownership of the pictures..I'll refund the cost of the kit.

If you are interested drop me a line




Murph needs to check his records...lol. they probably sold millions of kits and 90% of the c10's already have his pretty screw kits on bikes...i know mine did ('98)..

Its probably why ma kawasaki went to hex head hardware for the c14..


how did no one respond to this. I hate the bright hardware around my windscreen.
It's possible that someone did respond directly to his email and not here. I bet if nobody responded, he would have been back here asking for a response. If I would have seen this, I would have responded.