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C14 For Sale - Portland, OR - $3000 in extras


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$7,000 OBO

I am the original owner of this 2011 Kawasaki Concours14. Need to make room for new toy. I have thousands in extras on this bike. It needs nothing. It has 23,7XX miles. I am the original owner. All the below accessories costs at least $3000 combined. Oil changed about every 1500 miles which is about 2 to 3 times a year. The only issue is the front TPMS sensor sometimes acts up. I bought a new one in the spring, but have not installed it yet because all the motorcycle shops were closed due to Covid19. Will include in sale. I also have a rolling dolly that can be included in sale as well to roll the bike around a garage easily.

Recent Major Service:
  • 2-2020 - 22,XXX miles: Oil Change, New Battery
  • 4-2017 - 21,XXX miles: Rear Wheel TPMS Sensor
  • 9-2015 - 16,XXX miles: Air Filter, Coolant Flush, Brake Fluid Flush, Rear Diff Flush, Clutch Fluid Flush
Here is a list of the aftermarket accessories included in sale:
  • Cee Baileys Touring Windshield - cannot find anymore - $120
  • Corbin Heated Seat - $723
  • Ram Mount for Phone - $75
  • USB Charger for Phone (2 outputs) - $40
  • Radar Detector - Escort Hardwired in waterproof case - Use Escort Phone App for alerts and/or readout on mirror - $300
  • Advanced Sport Touring Adjustable Touring Pegs - $375
  • Shad SH50 Rear Hardcase - $285
  • Helibars Handlebar Risers with Powerlet outlet for heated gear - $209
  • Heated Gloves - $188
  • Heated Jacket - $176
  • Heated Pant Liner - $50
  • Helmet - $200
  • Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset - $170
  • Quick connect for Battery Tender - $20
  • Battery Tender Pro - $50
  • Yausa Battery - replaced 2/2020 - $90
  • Crampbuster - $11
  • All the electrical is routed through a box underneath the seat and turns off with the ignition
Total: $2,992
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