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Calling Eastern PA / Area Riders - Let’s Go!


2andBlue (let me explain: Wife and I always ride 2-up on our 17’ which is blue) looking for area riders who want to join for a spirited ride Dec-12 or Dec-13 ?

Many fantastic routes in the area, no probs planning / leading a day.

Need to be safe with COVID-19, face masks/ proper distancing - can still have lots of fun.


Bump: Saturday 12-Dec looks fair; Sunday13-Dec looks magnificent.

Pennsylvania December Ride Equation A+B+C = 2andblue go wahhhhhhh!

A (>50 degrees) + B (NO Salt/ Sand on Roads yet) + C (Reduced other MC traffic) = 2andblue must go!

Depending on interest will construct a ride map, mountains, valley, river - open to participation (dozens of planned rides to choose from)...


Last bump - This is it folks: Snow expected this week; with it salt, sand and chances are your machine is going to sleep for ~3 months... :confused:.

Get your snowblower ready today, put away the lawn equipment and tomorrow let your C-14 rip one last time in 2020!

Rough plan:
  1. Start just outside Phili, super slab up to New Tripoli
  2. 143 Southbound New Tripoli to Virginville
  3. 895/443/61 North from Hamburg the Shenandoah
  4. 339 North to 80
  5. Super slab back to Phili.
Anyone interested respond here or PM me.

Will drop a few pics after ride.


Weather turned - although a bit cool and cloudy a blast. Good number of motorcyclists out, nice to see some other enthusiasts taking last opportunity before the expected snowfall and related road treatments...

Appalachian Mtn roads no lack of elevation changing corner carving crossing the various ranges.
Aside from the spirited ride we slowed to snap a couple shots: covered bridges, area lake and met a couple competing in local annual horse trail competition.

Today most likely closes the 2020 riding season for 2andBlue - Blue now in the garage will be getting some maintenance time: Plugs, Valve Clearance, Coolant Change, Air Filter and a Healtech Quickshifter

Hoping to ride with some COG enthusiasts in 2021.C41ED6B4-04D4-4275-A2E9-4073BD84BFCD.jpeg2A9BC2F6-6B38-4960-BBC9-82F0DC4FA358.jpegC41ED6B4-04D4-4275-A2E9-4073BD84BFCD.jpegA9CF2521-002F-40A5-878F-41021F5124DE.jpegA9CF2521-002F-40A5-878F-41021F5124DE.jpeg


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