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Canyon cages


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SOLD ON EBAY $370!!! I have a set of front canyon cages off my 2012, in very good condition. $325 + Shipping OBO. Pm me for pics. Thanks
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They are not difficult to install, just follow the instructions.
I bought mine when i first bought my c14 for a couple reasons besides protection. It gave me a much needed mount for a set of highway pegs and at the time they were the most reasonable place to mount auxiliary lighting.

Your question regarding total crash protection i have to answer sadly that mine did not. On a 0 speed tip over im said to say my saddlebag took a couple scratches. If ur looking for total protection your going to want the rear cages as well. I personally didnt like the look of them and choose not to get them. Many folks have posted their positive experiences with the protection provided by them.