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Catskills NY


Enjoyable day trip from Eastern PA, NJ, CT, NY area the NY reservoirs and Catskills are quite a nice ride.  Light to no traffic, good road surface, awesome scenery.  Mostly sweepers with a few tighter turns, roads are marked very well, if you get bored pick up the pace. 

My residence (north of Philadelphia) makes a 75 mile Catskills loop and round trip ~500 miles. See attached couple photos for route and scenery, enjoy.  There is a lot more to explore in this area, completely recommended.


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How did you go up to Hancock? I went up 191 & 447 (because of a bridge out on 191) a couple of months ago from Stroudsburg. Made my way up to Stroudsburg via 32 and 611. Came home via Port Jervis and the Water Gap to 611. As much fun as I had on my old Elephant (that was the day I changed her name from Gertrude the Elephant to Gertrude the Gazelafant), that must really be a blast on a Concours.

I loved the pictures. Upstate NY is, in my opinion, just about the prettiest place I know of.


191 is a great route to Hancock, know it well.  Unfortunately this road has been going away recently with tar chunking up and now the subsequent road construction to repair the many rough stretches.

This time we blasted straight up 476 to 81 then offshoot to 6, 296, 170, 370.



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Looks like it was a great ride! I am from the west coast but I have driven the Catskills in a car and upstate New York. It is a beautiful area! Thank you for sharing the pictures and routes.

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