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Chuckanut Drive - October 2020


Staff member
James (jtvisions) got the same itch I had, except he invited me to join him before I could invite him to join me. But actually, it is far more fun to follow him, than for me to do so. He's explored the back roads between Everett and the Canadian border more than anyone else probably has. And so as usual, we went off on a delightful day's ride.

I have to admit the thought crossed my mind to call him up and ask if it would be okay if I showed up in my Subaru with heated seats instead of my F800GT. One place was down to 37F. :D I think I'm becoming a wimp in my old age. :D :D

So here's some pics from the day's ride.

We headed north on Hwy 9 and then turned off to some side roads James is familiar with. This was a delightful place to just sit back and each lunch.


We skirted the south side of Bellingham and spent some time hiking at Waterfall Park.


This waterfall fascinated me. Why are those irregular black shapes there on the waterfall? Normally, you'll see something like the right half, but that left half was very unique.


The tour guide. :)


Some kids doing what kids do best. Playing next to the water and showing adults how to enjoy life.


A bit of autumn colour.


We headed south along Chuckanut Drive.



James wanted to take a detour and head over to the Swinhomish Indian Tribal Community. I hadn't seen it before, so I followed along. (This is why I want him to lead, and not me. :D )



A great day. A little cool, but heated gear helps keep things enjoyable. :)



Nice! Did you do Mosquito Lake Road? A buddy on his Ducati that lived over there for years showed me some neat roads in a short day loop that included Chukanut. Best meal I have had in my life so far was at the Oyster Bar Restaurant on Chukanut Drive...


I spent the last two weeks in the U.P.. Saw lots of the same stuff you saw, or it looked a lot like that.
The colours were very good, it was a bit cool at night. I agree with you this is the greatest time of
the year.