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DarkSide C10

Ghost Rider 2

After couple attemps to get car tire on my C10 last week it all came together. I tried first with my stock 16" wheel. I had read where it had been done. The smallest tire I could locate was a 175R16 Maxxis. It will not work! rubs swing arm. Then I found an article from back in 2008. Car tire using a wheel from a 1987 ZL1000 Eliminator. It takes machining of some parts but it all came together. 15" wheel and a 165/80-R-15 tire. I am sure it not for everyone I have couple small rides and 250 miles on it. I like it!! I am sure I will receive lots a negitive feedback on doing this. But I also have a Goldwing and have riden over 50,000 miles on car tires. If I can figure out how to shrink pics down enough I will post a couple here.
As I understand things, with the new software (and presumably chosen options), us 'forum subscribers' can no longer upload pictures to this site.

Good luck with the wheel and the tire. Does a Goldwing lean as much as a C10?
That was me in 2008.
I was touring in AU and staying with one of the GTR1000 people and Sidecar Don was using the Eliminator 15" wheel. The C10 Concours engine/driveshaft was sourced from the Eliminator so the wheel sildeds right on the rear drive.
No all tires are the exact smae dimension even tho they are sold as a 175 width. I recall a Avon rep was quoted as saying the federal std allows 8% deviation.
I still use the 165R80-15 on my 2003 C12 and have about 100k miles total on four C10's with this mod.
I did use a 175 on the stock wheel. I had to release the air out of the tire to slide it into the swingarm. It was close after airing up but no rubbing. It was a taxi/van/truck tire like for a Vanagon. It seemed to work ok but only put a 1k mi on it during the combined SW/NW rally at Shasta CA.
Full article on my mod in the Summer 2008 Concourier. I believe you have to be a COG member to access the library?2127596100033639341VVYdKb_fs.jpg
a thank you to you and your article. I have the 15" wheel on bike. I like it. I now want to change out the Metzler bias tire on the front. I sure that even going to make the bike ride and handle even better.
between honey do jobs and weather have not got to ride very much. But with 1,000 miles on the car tire. My opinion it is GREAT!! bike handles well. I does have the little mind of its own at slow speeds. I'm sure it not for everyone but for me I am happy.