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Decel Flash Compared to Mountain Runner

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I won a Shoodaben flash upgrade at the National as a door prize. I had the decel version that was over 3 years old, so obviously the first thought is to jump on the latest and greatest. But I liked the Decel flash and wanted to be sure the upgrade was for me. So I contacted Steve and he asked me to call him and we had a conversation about his theory of flashes, the changes he made, and motorcycles that lasted well over an hour.

I decided on the Mountain Runner 89 octane.  On the first 20 mile ride, and having the Decel flash for comparison, I noticed a few changes, some that he described and others have commented on. Going from stock to the decel was a bigger change than going to the upgrade Mountain runner. Steve used a completely different way of handling the decel on the new version. Vacuum on the piston and not compression is what decels the motor when the fuel is cut off…….Just one of many takeaways from that long conversation.

That said, the decel seemed to be very similar, but with the Delkavic Tri oval exhaust I noticed more gurgling and popping, and it also occurred during 4th and 5th gear decelerations. Not a bad thing in my book because I like to hear the beast of a motor and the popping is still less than the stock flash. (Speaking of the stock flash, all anybody needs to do to compare your flash to stock on the Gen 2’s is to drop into the Eco Mode and see how digital the throttle is and how mushy the acceleration is.). The other thing I noticed right away is how the throttle response is even smoother when coming on and off the throttle, and the power comes on VERY quickly when jumping on the throttle. A noticeable difference but you will notice an even bigger difference going from the stock version.  So the upgrade overall makes riding smoother quicker and more refined. Glad I did it, and thanks to Steve for offering it as a COG prize.  :motonoises:
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