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Done until Spring?


Well, Saturday a group of guys and I from church did a morning/afternoon ride. probably it until Spring. Roads are wet and temps hovering near / at freezing overnight lately. be sure to do any long term stuff storage stuff that you may do as you hibernate your C until winter is past. Blessed holidays to you all. Looking forward to the next riding season.
Done? Yes Sir. I need a good heater this time of year. Probably trailer the C14 to a dealership for a valve check though for peace of mind. Last one was done just before the Cortez rally.
Mine won't get tucked away till...I quit riding. A lucky part of living in the Pacific Northwet is you can ride all year long if you're on the left (ugh!) coast. Temps are down around 35F and above in the mornings, and mid-40s in the afternoon. With heated gear, all is well.

i am far enough away from the metro area that in the winter time often the overnight low is below freezing, though by not a lot, even though i'm also on the wet side of the cascades (ugh! for sure). Last couple nights had ice in the early AM. Will be a bit warmer tonight the weather person says. Ride on.
You're right, Charlie. I don't have to work around a work schedule now. :) But...I actually rode more when I was working. :) A typical day was commuting down I-5 or I-405 to the south end of Seattle, then back north at the end of the day. Then riding out to either the Snohomish County Jail or Monroe Correctional Center (prison) about 20 miles away several times a week. It was pretty easy to get a minimum of 75 miles a day and sometimes more.

Because of the commute and the shorter time on the road using the HOV lanes, I'd push the riding past when many people would quit. 35-40F with rain was perfect. No issues at all with freezing conditions. I was lucky enough that when the temps dropped below freezing, it was often when a dry spell had occurred and the roads were only slick in spots. I commuted a few days with temps down to 16F...45 minutes each way. No heated gear back in those days. Just layers.

I learned that riding in the winter was really enjoyable. As enjoyable really as summer. You just had to dress for it.

One word of caution though. The side streets were often slick when the temps got near freezing, but I only had a mile or so of that. If I could navigate that, even keeping in the tire tracks when there was snow on the road, I would do okay once I got on the freeway. The number of cars and heat from them would raise the temperature a couple degrees and all would be well.

Except one commute. I came off the freeway down at Boeing Field south of Seattle. And what I saw ahead of me scared me totally. The road ahead was covered with thick hoar frost. It was also an overpass with an S-curve that descended to the side streets below. Tapping on the brakes, only led to skidding so I had to rely on engine braking. I was scared that if I dropped the bike, it and I would go over the guardrail on that overpass. My guardian angel was working overtime and I only slid a wee bit as I came to the first curve...then I still had to make it downhill to the second curve. I think God still has something in mind for me, because I'm still around.

I've always thought it would be weird to have riding seasons. One benefit of living in California is I get to ride all year!
Thankfully, when we were contemplating our retirement and eventual move from the far western suburbs of Chicago, we fell in love with savannah georgia. I also get to ride all year long, all be it with some extra layers. Dec and January will get into the 30's in the morning and rebound back to 60's.
We ride mostly year ā€˜round in the other end of the state, too. I had a 150 mile ride in N. GA yesterday. 59-63 degrees. Trade off for July and August when you can get heatstroke going to the store. LOL
For a number of years I rode year-round, but now that I'm 32 I'm getting too old to deal with the cold. :ROFLMAO:

The only thing that keeps me sane while not able to ride my bike(s) are upgrading/working on them - I'm excited for the first winter with my Concours - she's getting LOTS of things done.