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Dumped Bike


Going to an offshore boat race Ft Myers beach this road has been under construction for over 4 tears, it crisscrosses back and forth, in 1/2 an hour I moved about 500 feet with two hot girls in there convertible in front of me, driver playing with phone all the while, who cares we are not moving, long parking lot,
Gal in front slams on the brakes, just as I stop my front tire drops into a hole turning the handlebars to the left quickly, I'm stopped but now trying to stop a 700 lb motorcycle from falling to my left, end of the handlebar hits me just inside the left knee,
I was PISSED, I've only picked this and other bikes as you suppose to, using my legs, my butt towards the bike
I was PISSED I just yanked it up and as I near the end, I hit a wall, not sure If I can do this, thinking it would nice if a bystander would give a little push
Then God Almighty I did it,
now the bike does not want to start, it did

but **** :mad:
  :-[ :tool: :rotflmao:
You need to watch the road, not the scenery!!  :great:
As for it not starting after the fall, she has a tilt switch that kills the engine when she goes down.
After getting her upright, ya need to switch the ignition fully off, wait 30 secs, then try to start her.
Hope there was no damage, to either the bike or the knee.
However, your reputation with 2 hotties is now and forever ruined.  :rotflmao:
No NO No

I stopped the bike fine because this short road is  in a  seven-year drainage/road project  they are putting the drainage grading alongside the brick paver center median  and the road crisscrosses back and forth a few times, manholes are 6 inches high with some asphalt at a steep angle  around them making a nice ramp, as I stopped the bike the front tire FELL INTO a HOLE part of the drainage construction, I was doing 0 MPH then, guess I should have left out the Girls part, that all you remember ::)
This is a barrier island with a high water table so they have to suck the water out of the ground where they are installing very large drainage pipe in the center deep down.
I stopped, as let go of the brake it just rolled in the hole, because of the holes angle to the left the tire followed a complete surprise :truce:
Sorry for laughing. We've all been there.
My first on the C10 was in a camping field at a motorcycle rally.
I was riding across the grass field on my new to me C10 and was enjoying being watched by several young hotties, as well as the group I was camping/partying with.
I was enjoying the attention so much that I missed a 6" wide 3" deep drainage trench cut across the field and rode into it at an angle.
The front wheel turned right and I went down on the left side.  :-[
No damage to me or the bike but I took some serious ribbing that weekend, until another in the group fell asleep on top of his tent.  :rotflmao: