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ECU flash


Big Wheel
Just spent a few hours on my 2012 post ecu flashing from shoodaben and I am very impressed. Running $350 special for mountain rider and I think it may be best $350 bucks I have spent on anything motorcycle related since buying my first dirt bike...77 RM125 for $350. Bike equipped with delkevic slipon and K&N air filter and was running real lean with hesitation and even an occasional stall with low RPM which is crazy with all that engine. I read about steve's flash on forum and decided to give a shot. I heard terms like "art" being associated with flash but was skeptical a ECU flash could be so trans-formative. I was wrong..Took it out the night I installed for quick ride and noticed immediately that it had much improved response with roll ons. No low RPM hesitation and bike transitions to upper end elbow stretching RPM range more smoothly and quickly with twist of throttle vs. down shift or two. Yesterday it eclipsed 60 and I experienced a lot more during my extended ride through curvy foothills and down straight patches of Ohio river valley yesterday. Not shifting nearly as much through curves as throttle pulls bike up much more robustly coming out of curves in lower RPM then I would typically use. Easy to enjoy twisties with less shifting and more focusing on lines through curves.. although it does take certain cardio component out of riding these roads. Engine just sounds better as well no flat spots and always seems ready to respond to whatever I tell it to do. I believe it is faster 0 to whatever although I do not have any hard data to support. Very impressed! I love this bike even more although I did not think it possible. Will be scouring forum for more recommendations like this..it was a good one!


Crotch Rocket
Scott, you made a good choice with Steve's flash. I must caution you that you are now riding a sleeper that can get you tickets before you know it. Its' gone from an ok fun bike to a hang on fast FatNinja.

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