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F/S: Used Sena 20S Pair (2)


I bought this set new from Revzilla several years ago, and it has served me well, as well as my passengers.
Both sets come with what you need to mount either unit in/on your helmets for seamless communication, listening to music, making phone calls, or having in-helmet navigation options.
Both units are in Excellent working order, have MOST of the accessories included originally, and have both been recently updated with Current Firmware (v.2.2.2), and both LiPO battery packs replaced AND upgraded literally TODAY, from 650ma units, to new 750ma units.

I used these units in conjunction with my Iphone and Garmin Zumo590LM, and these were a fantastic addition to any riding setup for hours of use in the saddle.
Full disclosure: there are a few accessory pieces missing from the original included sets-- due to attrition, failure, or just plain loss. But you have everything you need to get setup and running, with one short mic, a few foam pieces, and maybe a charging cable missing from the sets.
Also, One Unit has one VERY small crack on the center jog dial button, but it does not hinder use of functionality. I resisted super-gluing it, for aesthetics sake.

Run time varies with use and volume levels, but I have used these for 8-12 hour days without battery expiry, on the original (smaller batteries) so, your experience should be same or better than mine.

Latest software management tool is available on Sena's website, and new App is available as well for on-the-fly changes to System Parameters and settings.
The newer App is a VAST improvement over having to change certain settings ONLY when connected to a computer using a USB cable.

Sena has done a good job of keeping these older units running strong and improved them over the years. They were a bit buggy back in the first versions.

Asking $325 shipped in the CONUS for the pair including all accoutrements. Guaranteed in good working order, freshly updated, and new batteries in both!
Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo accepted.

PM me with questions. Please don't make inquiries or ask questions on the posting. :cool:


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