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Fake User Profile Risks Deletion

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This Concours Owners Group Forum is funded and provided as a service to members by the Concours Owners Group.  Although Guest Subscriber membership is free of charge at this time, the club requires all users to provide legitimate contact information when registering.  One reason for obtaining this information is that the account information is correct if a Guest Subscriber decided to convert to a full member, and another is to prevent spamming.  The Concours Owners Group takes user privacy seriously, and as stipulated in our privacy policy, does not sell or give away member information to any outside organizations.

Please keep your registration profile updated with the correct information to maintain your registration to the Concours Owners Group Forum. The information that is required is the user’s correct name, address, phone number, and email address.  According to club and forum policy, accounts identified with one or more of the above items is missing, incomplete or containing obviously false information my be deactivated or deleted without warning.

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Club dues are downright cheap at $37/year, and there are muilti-discounts if you join for 2 or 3 years. You can include your significant other as an Associate Member for only $5 so they can enjoy the same benefits as you. Since you already have an online registration with COG, the process to become a full member is simple, and payment is made online with credit card through a secure payment gateway.

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