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Fort 9 review


Fortnine is great, they did a great review on motorcycle batteries, check it out.
Fortnine has also brought a level of pricing fairness to the Canadian motorcycle parts and accessory market by preventing price gouging, one quick check on their website and you have an idea for product pricing.


Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
We have had a UK only SHARP helmet grading system for years now.
It details what each helmet is good and bad at and tests bought helmets, not those supplied by the manufacturer for testing.
Yes, it does mean that the testing lags behind the release of the helmets, but the ratings are very useful when buying a new lid.

For example, here is the rating for my Shark EvoOne 2

Why not check your helmet out.
There are some surprises in there like the Shoei NeoTec 2 chin piece opening in 30% of impacts.



Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
I like his style.....it's refreshingly "canadien".

He did a solid video on Chain Cleaner and Chain Lubes ( i still own a bike with one).
Surprisingly, the best cleaners and lubes were both common stuff: kerosene and Gear oil.

Whooda Thunk.