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Forum Subscribers, please be aware of policy changes put into effect due to action of the COG board of directors based on input from members. The new membership system makes it possible to implement these changes.

After six months you can still read threads and posts but cannot add any new threads or posts and other forum features will not be available. Any threads or posts created during your trial membership will remain visible on the forum. The six-month period for Forum Subscribers who joined the old forum prior to the migration ends on February 27, 2021 and the six-month period for Forum subscribers joining the new forum after the migration will end six months from the date of joining.

After your trial forum membership ends, you are encouraged and welcome to join COG to gain all its member benefits, including full access to the forum. To learn about the benefits, visit https://concours.org/Member-Benefits and to join follow the instructions on this post https://forum.concours.org/index.php?threads/converting-from-forum-guest-to-full-cog-membership.3631/.
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