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Free To Good Home - HID Parts


Sport Tourer
So, over the years (and 10 vehicles) that I’ve upgraded to HID, I’ve been left with some spare parts needing a good home.

See the pic, but what I think I have are:
4 Ballasts for 9005/9006 Bulbs (the dual-bulb/separate hi/lo beam headlight setup). Unknown condition, but I believe at least 3 of them work (I vaguely recall warrantying one, so one may be brand new or the old bad one)

4 new/like new 9005/9006 bulbs (think they’re all labelled 9006, but fit in both sockets)

3 extensions for the 9005/9006 bulbs (why 3? Shouldn’t there be 2 or 4?)

1 9005/9006 pigtail

2 ballasts for H4 headlight (hi/lo in same bulb, what I used on my C10) Pretty sure both are good.

2 H4 bulbs

H4 harness from my C10 (top right corner)

I’m just not using this stuff anymore, and if any of you need spares for an HID system, it’s yours. Just pay for shipping - I’ll put it in the cheapest/smallest package I can (that won’t break anything).

With whats here you can upgrade one 9005/9006 lo-beam system and one H4 system.

Help me keep this stuff out of a landfill!



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