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FS: AGV SPORT Voyager Sport warm gloves XXL

These are the warmest gloves I've ever tried.  I normally wear XXL in AGV SPORT or Alpinestars gloves and XL in almost all other brands, but these are just too tight for me.  I've worn them on 4-5 rides, and they still feel and look like new.  They claim waterproof, but I have not worn them in the rain so I cannot confirm or deny that.  You might not need these if you have heated grips, but I got these before getting my C14-and I have other bikes without heated grips.

The second Sport means they do not have the long gauntlets of the regular Voyager gloves, so the cuffs fit better inside my jacket sleeves for a better seal and a less likely change of rain getting inside-but that's just my preference.

I really wanted to like these gloves, but they fit almost a size small, and I'd rather not see them sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Asking $30.00 including CONUS shipping.  PayPal preferred.  Feel free to PM me with questions or a request for additional photos.  TIA       


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