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FS: SOLD Held Twin Goretex 2-in-1 Men's Gloves sz.10 / XL


Crotch Rocket
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I've had these gloves for about 3 years, and they have seen very limited use, since I moved to the South from the Midwest in that time. I'd like to buy a less insulated pair that's more appropriate for my climate.

I bought them for a cross country trip, and barely used them, as it was unseasonably warm during that 4500 miles. I'd love to keep them for that occasion when I need them, but they just don't get used enough for where I live, and I have unusually warm hands.

Gloves are in Excellent condition. No tears, scuffs, abraisons, discolorations, or smells.
They smell like leather gloves!
Top of line Goretex, and amazing held quality and fit.

SIze 10, i cut out the tags, but I bought these new from Revzilla, and still have the receipt.
Def. 10, which is an XL in most Euro brands.

$185 shipped to anywhere in the CONUS.


Paypal only. PM Me.


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