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Hi Steve

What Octane fuel was your Mountain runner flash designed for ?
What fuel are you using for your testing ?
Jeff - here's the best way to answer you, with an excerpt from "my tuning Methodology" which is posted on my Shoodaben Engineering website:

I am a conservative tuner. The first thing I want to do is be sure my tune is SAFE, because pushing any tuning parameters to the point of potential engine damage is a foolish thing to do. To that end I tune with 89 (mid grade) octane, although I advise all who use my flash to use premium octane fuels. The reason I do this is so that there will always be an extra level of protection from gas knock, regardless of ambient conditions. If I sacrifice a couple HP so be it, it beats turning your engine into an expensive chuck of busted up metal. I have only used fresh Texaco mid grade with 10% ethanol... ethanol blend because this is representative of common fuels any c-14 owner will likely encounter. "

  so there's your answer on Mountain Runner, Evo,  Decel Flash, and my Original flash. and until the tank of fuel in my bike right now. I have always run 89 in my day to day riding.

  Now that said, you may notice I'm going to re-release an updated version of my original flash as the  "Classic" . This flash will most closely approximate my most close competition's offerings. It's about power, and no added work to capitalize on deceleration qualities other than what is achieved through gearing. In this flash, to be apples to apples comparative, I AM using premium 92 octane. First time I've ever tested with premium. In the past week I had occasion to test Mountain Runner and the Classic on the dyno. Mountain Runner produced it's common 146 SAE / 148 STD HP, and the classic produced 152 STD HP.

  As a COG guy for now my 13th year, I know that COG guys are much less interested in PEAK performance as compared to reasonable gains and the ability to use 89 octane should premium be unavailable. to that end, all of my work has been towards satisfying the riders I know best. Recently I have been exposed to some non - cog riders who make a big deal about dyno charts and peak #'s. Releasing the Classic is for those guys. 2 Very different flashes with different goals and personalities.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I know it is not supposed to make any difference I am assuming it is with Ethanol.