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Great video providing history of Hodaka

Thank You Steve! That was enjoyable.

In my salad days I rode motocross on a Husqvarna and then a CZ, and I never owned nor rode a Hodaka. It was mostly because I couldn't see myself going to less than 250cc engine. However, to this day I have both a favorable impression and admiration for those little bikes and a mental smile in my head when ever I see anything about them. I always enjoyed their advertisements and seeing them at the track winning in the lower cc classes, and sometimes when rider skill allowed I saw them place well running in the larger cc classes despite their power handicap that skilled riders were able to overcome. They were like the little Chihuahua dog (or Super Rat) that with the right rider became a Rottweiler.
I bought a trailer last year from a guy that had three or four in his garage.