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Greetings from Cullowhee


Hey gang, excited to be here. I'm a life long motorcycle enthusiast. My current projects are 2 Suzuki 2 strokes. I have owned both for about 20 years and have ridden them at various points, but the last time either one of them ran was at least 10 years ago.

Here's a 1971 Suzuki T500:

This is my wife's 1966 Suzuki T20 TC250 Scrambler:


I'm working my way through the all the systems. Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated I'm sure I'll run across something I will need advice on.

Here's my daily driver!
Welcome! Cool vintage bikes ya got theređź‘Ť
Lots of good tech advice here.
Great rallies too.
This weekend was my first time attending
RunWithWolf rally. A great time. These guys run really good rallies

Best Regards


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I rode a 1976 Suzuki GT 380 two stroke that I just loved! Put over 50,000 miles on it! Very nice bikes you have! Welcome!
Welcome to the family. I’m down in Mill Spring but was over your way today on the BRP.
Had a 1972 GT250 that was a blast to ride. Last 2-stroke was a 1975 DT400. Wish I still had them both