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rev ryder

COG Executive Director
This REVIEW section is a special place for you to share your opinions and experiences with products of interest to the Concours Community. Reviews posted here are to be only about motorcycles, motorcycle accessories/enhancements/farkles, and motorcycle riding related products. Officer and/or Moderator approval are required before ANY post will go live. All REVIEW approvals are at the discretion of the moderation staff and there is no guaranty your post will go live as submitted nor any time-frame promised though every effort will be made to approve posts in a timely fashion. All forum policies and rules will be applied so help us approve your posts by refraining from any ad hominem or other attacks upon any member, forum subscriber, or merchant affiliated or non. Any direct or comparative review posted is to keep in mind the honorable nature of the club, emphasizing the positives rather than the negatives of any product.

Just like all other areas of the forums, there is a 30 day "GRACE" period on all posts during which the Poster will be able to alter, correct, revise, delete, or otherwise amend his/her post. After the post becomes permanent changes can only be made by a Moderator. Bear in mind that any amendments, additions, and/or alterations are also subject to the same rules. Violations will result in deletion or removal of the offensive portion and the author may earn a time out. So, let's keep it clean and friendly and share our experiences with one another. As always, double posting is prohibited. If you have already posted a review that remains elsewhere, please do not double post or repeat by writing another review of the same product. Additionally, the REPLY function is disabled in this section so each Review may remain just that - the opinion of the reviewer.

So, having passed preliminary BETA testing, this new REVIEW section is now live and available for your product reviews. Admin reserves the right to continue to tweak, modify, and improve upon the function of this section. It is a new thing for us, but should be a great addition. The section works this way:
  • You begin a thread with your product or products being tested/reviewed in the heading.
  • You write your review. Going forward, any product reviews or comparisons are to be posted here. We would suggest using a text editor or at the very least the spell function to hone your post to your liking.
  • Press the post button to submit your REVIEW for moderator approval. You alone will then see your post in pink. Once it has been approved by Moderation/Admin it will go live and become visible to all. This section is NOT an area for discussion of a product. That is to take place within the Industry Member's section or, if not an Industry Member product it should be discussed in the appropriate area for the type of product; i.e. Riding Gear, Accessories, etc.
REMEMBER: This section operates in a manner that may evolve as we continue to explore the possibilities and limitations of the new section. First and foremost in all cases is the consideration of the honorable nature of the COG and the fair, honest, and respectful nature of any review.