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Guinea pig wanted


(Can you let me know if you do NOT see the attached photographs? Trying to figure out why some do and others do not. Thanks.)

I've been running prototypes of my latest gadget on two of my bikes. Now I'm looking for somebody who will install and test this on THEIR baby and give me feedback.

This is a complete C14-specific accessory switch package: a waterproof control module (w/illuminated & color coded LED switches) with attached umbilical, and an assembled and wired relay array. The idea is for durn near anybody to be able to install this in an hour or two tops. The control housing itself attaches to your clutch reservoir via 3 embedded Neodymium magnets (no screws). This DOES require you to be using standard ferrous hardware, not aluminum. The control umbilical cable is 5 feet long, sufficient to reach most anywhere you might want to mount the relay package, and terminates in a standard automotive Molex connector.

The relay assembly measures only 59mm wide by 36mm deep by 50mm tall (2.3" x 1.4" x 2"), exclusive of the wiring exiting the bottom. Each relay is rated for 30 amps at 12 volts. It has a matching Molex connector for the control lead insuring easy and foolproof hookups.

And that's pretty much the complete switch installation. I include a handful of zip ties for securing the wiring. The only tasks for the owner to perform are to connect the following wires:

- One 12v+ POWER (red) and one ACCESSORY POWER OUT (yellow) lead per circuit. You only need connect the circuits you'll actually use now. Others can sit until needed.
- One GROUND (black) lead, handles the LED and relay activation circuits. Accessory power is grounded downstream of each accessory load.

One available- cost is $50 plus your time to document what you like (or don't) with the product. Please PM me if interested.

Ride safe,





Road Bike
A week ago i would have been your huckleberry.  Sad to say I'm fully invested in wiring all of my stuff to a fz1 block with previously mounted switches.  Not willing to undo what I've done.  Best of luck though.  It looks great


The deal has been taken.

In a few weeks, once I've received the feedback, and presuming all is positive, I'll be releasing this to our eBay store.

I have a 2-switch variant for regular handlebar motorcycles in the pipeline as well. That one is probably about a month out at this point. I'll post a note here when it is released, but as it is NOT Connie specific I'm not planning to echo anything to the Accessories board.