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Hunt for Red October - Twin Cities to Dodgeville


COG IT Officer and Bold North AAD
Staff member
For those interested, there is group from the twin cities gathering on Friday, October 11th in Prescott WI for ride on the alphabet roads to the Don Q in Dodgeville. Details are below.

Caribou Coffee
1005 Eagle Ridge Drive
Prescott, Wisconsin 54021

Sides stands up at 9:30am


Lunch will be at the Big Boar BBQ in West Salem WI at approximately 12:30.




These rides are always at the mercy of the weather, rain or shine. The weather gods are dealing us a shity hand this weekend, an early taste of winter is on tap. I’ve made it to 22 out of 24 of the “hunts” and the weather never stopped me from riding there before but damn it, rain snow and cold are making me consider a plan B to get to Dodgeville. Taking a wait and see.


Well, call me a wuss if you must, but I passed on the hunt. 😕
Hope the rest of y'all had a great time.
I did order a shirt ahead of time... If anyone here wanted a shirt but missed the deadline, I'll sell you mine for my cost, $13.37.  Would mean more to someone who was there. Size XL, short sleeve.


Once again, it was a great Hunt. For those of you that wimped out, it was better weather wise than last year. Yes, a bit brisk and windy, but snow on the way home like last year. In fact, I only hit a couple of very brief rain showers on Sunday. It did pay of having heat grips and a heated jacket, when it worked. The heated jacket was hit and miss on Friday, but worked Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks go to Dave McClurg for setting everything up. The food at the banquet was great and there was plenty of it. We didn't come close to finishing all the ribs. I think every one went home with a prize from the drawing, too.

Kim, thanks for the classic Bush Latte shirt. I will wear it proudly. :)

tundra tom

Ditto to what Jim said. That was a great 25th HFRO Anniversary. Thanks to all that help make it happen.
It was great to ride with y'all, as always! Cheers! :beerchug: