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International Motorcycle Show - Chicago, Feb. 10 - 29th Annual Pronto Luncheon t


The International Motorcycle Show comes to the Donald Stephens Convention Center from Feb. 9-11. For show information and to purchase tickets go to http://www.motorcycleshows.com/

For COGger’s going to the show on Feb. 10th, I/we will meet in the Kawasaki display near the 2018 Concours 14's at 12:30 for a group picture.  Even if I have to take a 'selfie' as a group of one.

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018

Discount Codes for Tickets

IMS18POST $3.00 Off No known expiration date
EM418 $3.00 Off No known expiration date.
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[size=36pt] Our 29th Annual Pronto Motorcycle Show Lunch for COG & WOW is coming up on Feb 10

Donna, Ian and Steve Pronto are happy to invite you all to our 29th annual show lunch. As usual, we'll have a few prizes to raffle off, so aside from recharging your mental motorcycling battery, you may walk off with something new! Feel free to drag your friends along, but please RSVP by Feb 2 to this email so the restaurant can plan accordingly.

Our host restaurant has been confirmed as Tiffany's and is within easy driving distance from the convention center, just about 2 miles straight north. Note that this is a new place and is a bit closer to the event.

Pencil this event on your calendars and reply that you'll be attending.  ==>  prontorides at yahoo.com

Saturday, Feb 10 at 2pm

Tiffany's Restaurant
2179 Touhy Road
Des Plaines IL 60018