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Introducing Motorcycle Awareness Designs New Website!


Big Wheel
Hey folks,

I’d like to introduce Motorcycle Awareness Designs to the world!

What is Motorcycle Awareness Designs? Well, it’s bumper stickers, bike stickers, vehicle magnets, yard signs and shirts that say: Watch Out for Motorcycles!

As a graphic designer, I have been looking for additional ways to meld my passion for design and motorcycling and after a multimonth process in designing the product, creating the website and other marketing materials, it has led me to this point.

In the past several years, I have been stepping up my design work with more and more motorsport projects (for clubs and some BMW dealers close to me here in SC). And now I have turned one of my ideas into this new venture. I saw what was currently out there in the market and most of it was dedicated to the cruiser side of riding. With that in mind, I have presented my take on it. Bold graphics and easy to ready text with a modern but brand-nostic bike to cater to different riders.

After working with some of my riding buddies to refine the idea and make sure it was ready to market, inventory is ready to go after testing it out in the field and the site as well. So, please take a look at what is on the site and thanks in advance for your support. Also, please spread the word to your friends, both riders and non-riders, about Motorcycle Awareness Designs. More info on the ordering process and even discounts for non-profits is there as well.


And if you are in Orlando for the AIMExpo in October, stop by to see me at booth 110, next to the BMW Motorrad USA display. I’d love to meet you and say hi!



Street Cruiser
Industry Vendor

Good luck in your venture, however I need to refer you to the Forum Rules, specifically #7.

7- Advertising - Any subscriber may advertise motorcycle related products and services in the relevant COG Mart section of the forum. Industry Members only may ‘reference’ their products/services in a relevant reply to a thread, any advertising should be done as an afterthought to providing members genuine help or assistance.


Big Wheel
Thanks Larry, I read that differently for some reason... I looked up the forum guidelines before hand to make sure it was good to post. Feel free to delete or move if you wish. I don't want to break the house rules.



Sport Tourer
Larry's absolutely right, but I've got to give Chris credit for trying to put this in the right place.  Motorcycle Safety really is a pretty good guess.  I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and move this to the Industry Member area on the assumption that he does intend to become an Industry Member.

Just to avoid confusion, here are the instructions: How to Convert from Forum Subscriber to Full COG Membership


Gypsy JR

Plus, once converted to industry member, or even just member member, folks are more likely to purchase from him/them than they are from a "forum subscriber".

S Smith

COG Northeast Area Director
Chris is not a COG Industry Member, therefore posting this in any section would probably be in violation of the club advertising rules.  Upgrading membership should be considered ASAP.  Not to be rude, but this was his first post here and I don't see how it's different than the spam ads from China. Just my $0.02