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KC AREA EVENT PLANNING Grinders High Noon Saloon Leavenworth 12PM MARCH 3rd


Throwing ideas against the wall always seems to work out better in person so lets plan on discussing this years rides and events in person.
May as well start the year off at the usual first lunch destination!
Bring your ideas! Day rides,  RTE's, Over nighters, Local events

Hope to see some of our new members!!

Grinders High Noon Saloon
206 Choctaw St, Leavenworth,
KS 66048

March 3 2018 @ 12PM

Below is last years Schedule that we can use as a template to edit

-Sunrise Cantina - Sunrise Beach MO  (This is the Famous meet in the middle with the St Louis and SC Folks)  coupled with a ride to Peach Float (Scott’s General Store)- Iconium MO Last year we did an October Mulligan due to the excessive heat in July. Figured there may be folks not attending National Rally so this is a good opportunity to meet Rally folks on their way home. Setting 2 dates for this ride-- June 17 and Sept 23
264 Sunset Hills Dr, Sunrise Beach, MO 65079
(573) 374-8185

Meetup will be at Quik Trip at 71HWY and 150HWY in Grandview across from Gail's Harley Davidson.  Kick Stands up @ 9:15am

6th Annual KCJMC All Japanese Rally- June 24th 9am-1pm
Zona Rosa Shopping Center—Meet for lunch at 54th Street Bar and Grill @ 1PM

Andi’s Place Black Water MO July 15
106 Main St
Blackwater, MO 65322

Meetup at Caseys General Store 24 hwy Buckner MO  Kickstands up @ 10am

Boudreaux’s Louisiana Seafood and Steaks ST Joseph MO July 29
224 North 4th Street, Saint Joseph, MO, United States

Meetup at Philip's 66 Platte City Mo. Just off the 92 Hwy exit.  Kickstands up @ 11am

5th Annual Midwest Regional VJMC Rally and Show  August 5th 9am-1pm
New Century Airport, 6 Aero Plaza, New Century, KS 66031

Guy & Mae’s Tavern - Williamsburg KS August 19
119 W South St, Williamsburg, KS 66095
(785) 746-8830

-Cassaday Bike Run - Hays House--Council Grove KS Sept 3 (Sunday Event heading down in morning..Time to be determined at a later date)

The following are two Museum Runs that were suggested. Because of the distance, I think there needs to be some additional planning so lets open this up for group discussion.

Twisted OZ MC Museum 
601 W 7th St Augusta KS..2.5 hour ride from Legends by KS Speedway
Kansas Motorcycle Museum
120 N Washington St, Marquette, KS 67464  About a 3 hour ride from Legends by KS Speedway



I have to put this in pencil.  The Polar Bears are meeting at Kobi's at 11:30.  I might try and do both, but no promises.


Of all the days to get sick.  :??:

Thanks to all the made it! I understand some ideas got tossed around. Please forward them to me, I'll see what we can do to work them in and get dates put to them.