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KDS v3


I have a KDS v3 for sale with the following connectors: Offering it up to the Concours community first before putting in on eBay. Looking for $400 via PayPal shipped to continental US. I have a 100% eBay rating since 1999.

KAWASAKI Diagnostic System V3

* KAWASAKI 57001-1725 KDS Ver.3 adapter w/USB
* KAWASAKI 57001-1745 Communication Cable
* KAWASAKI 57001-1746 governed key adapter.
* KAWASAKI 57001-1582 registration key
* KAWASAKI 57001-1667 High Speed Sensor
* KAWASAKI 57001-1699 X2

Comes with latest KDS 1802 on USB and original 1650 on CD.