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Klim Hardanger 2XL


For sale I have a Klim Hardanger one piece suit. Size 2XL. Color Grey.

I'm only asking $900 for it shipped in the US.

It is in fantastic condition, essentially brand new. I bought it new ($1300) last November, and wore it for about 400 miles. This is a killer piece of gear, it just turns out I prefer a 2 piece.

Message me for pics or questions.


Rob said:
FTB530 said:
I know you said 2xl, but if it fit you what is your height and weight?

It fit me well. I am 5'10", 270lbs. That said, I dont really look like I weigh 270, so that might be a little deceiving.

Have a look at this size chart from Klim. I think its pretty darn accurate. Go with the "Mens Tops".

Thanks for the reply, i am 5’10” and about 195, was a guy local who had the same suit for sale but I believe it maybe to large for me !