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Lava Run August 13-15, 2021 in Oregon

charlie gary

"Special" Assistant to the NWAD
This is the info that was submitted to the calendar for August.
If you get a room for the event before the calendar listing is up and running, please check back and when it has gone live get registered so we can have a decent estimation on how many people might show up at a restaurant. Please be aware and prepare for limited breakfast options. The town of Sisters is easily overwhelmed when too many tourists want to eat out.

Join us in Sisters, Oregon for another Lava Run Ride to Eat. The dates are Friday, August 13th through Sunday, August 15th. Once again we are at the Sisters Inn and Suites, and they are offering us a substantial discount rate. If we can get ten rooms reserved, the rate for one night in a room with two queen beds is $115.00. If we can’t get at least ten rooms booked, the rate will be $126.00, but that’s still a substantial discount from the advertised rate. In order to get this rate, you must call 541-549-7829 and tell them you are with the Concours Owners Group. Don’t say COG, they may not get it. We have rooms blocked until July 13th, so get yours while you can.

Come out and explore some great roads with us. McKenzie Hwy is always fun, as is Straight Creek Rd, where the only thing straight about it is the name. Great scenery and great people- what more could you ask for? Don’t miss out, because you never know what pearls of wisdom will be spewed forth into the darkness in the parking lot at night.

Sisters Inn & Suites

605 N Arrowleaf Trail

Sisters, OR 97759

I have a friend who's looking for a room mate for the Lava Run. His name is Tom Farrell, AKA Cornholio. He was with us for Ride the Ribbon last year, and again at the Bun Cooler a few weeks back. He's a good man with a good sense of humor. Please let me know if you need a room mate, and I will put you in touch with him.
i just called the Sisters inns and suites. so far no one has called the hotel to take any of the reserved rooms. 6 folks have registered through COG so far. call the hotel and get those rooms. they're still holding them at the group rate so do not delay if possible.
see you there.
I will be riding down to Sisters Friday morning via 410 to Naches, where we'll pick up U.S. 12 to U.S. 97 and go south to Goldendale. From there we'll head west on WA 142 down through the Klickitat canyon to WA 14, which will take us to the Hood River Bridge. We'll cross into Oregon and go south on OR 35 to U.S. 26 to FS 42, a.k.a. Skyline Rd to the Cascades Scenic Byway into Detroit. From there we'll take OR 22 to U.S. 26 into Sisters. Currently the fire map shows no fires on this route, but that can change at a moment's notice.
If you want to ride along, meet me for breakfast at the Black Diamond Bakery at 7am.

Well, it looks like the preferred route has been burned to a crisp. The road into Detroit is still closed from last year's fire, so it looks like U.S. 26 to Madras and U.S. 97 from there to Redmond and OR 126 from Redmond to Sisters is what's available if people want to avoid going down the west side through Portland. Thanks to Andy for letting me know I was setting people up for a mass U-turn and spontaneous plan B formulation.

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two weekends ago i took OR20 west out of Sisters, and took OR22 to Stayton with no problem.
oh, yeah, that i could believe. i thought you meant OR22 was closed. (road into Detroit). The road I usually take into Detroit is OR22. my bad. apologies.
oh, yeah, that i could believe. i thought you meant OR22 was closed. (road into Detroit). The road I usually take into Detroit is OR22. my bad. apologies.
No worries. Detroit is where we would pick up OR 22 if we were coming down from Mt. Hood. I tried going through Portland and getting on 22 in Estacada once, and that was enough of Portland traffic for me. We do the east side now.
Last-minute update:

Starting Friday, August 13th, Oregon is instituting a state-wide mask mandate indoors. Don't forget your bank robber costumes.

Tentative Saturday evening schedule is group picture at 6pm and dinner after that at Takoda's. Everything else is wide open.
Even tho I was not attending the event...
I joined Charlie and Tom for brekie and rode over Cayuse Pass down to US 12 with them before heading home.
Thanks to all who attended. It was good to remake acquaintances. Hope you all had safe journeys on to the coast and on home.
Sorry I missed this event, at that time I was still on the hunt for my C14. I am just south of Portland and have family in Central OR; have spent many hours driving/riding the roads in between. I look forward to joining you in 2022!

Please let me know if you need any help scouting routes or doing a pre-run to ensure roads are open... I fear that with the fire seasons getting earlier and longer, this will be a more common worry.