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Let's talk phone mounts, shall we?

Rushfan Greg

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So, I think I have the Bluetooth choice figured out and I'm about to pull the trigger on that purchase. Thanks again for all of your input and helping me decide.

Now off to phone mount ideas. What are you guys using?
I've been looking at this idea...



I have that mount attached to murphskits risers and love the central location out of the wind and close to the lighter socket. It does make a slight obstacle with the kipass rotation but would go with that set up again.


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I tried the techmount, then the ram on the riser, and settled on a mini tank bag. I stash the fob, phone, atomi battery, etc, in the bag. When I stop during the ride, I just put the bag in the top case and lock it.


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My '10 came with this one that the previous owner installed. I figured I would change it out for an X-mount or something, but it works so good I just left it alone.

The fitment list doesn't specifically say Concours, but I suspect clutch and brake handlebar mounts are pretty standard across Kawasaki's model lineup. It fit either side on mine perfectly.



Perfect squeeze Hondo Gargage
good discussion over on ADVrider https://advrider.com/f/threads/phon...-quick-release-holders.1467981/#post-40914997 I may have to look at that one. Also been checking out the Tackform https://www.tackform.com/collections/motorcycle-phone-mounts/products/motorcycle-phone-mount Been using the X grip for years with the extra rubber thingies. Lost one out of the X grip when I was too busy to remember to hook it down with the rubber safety thingies