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Lima Ohio Flat Track Race now a double header - link to video action


Check it out,
This is the wildest thing racing.
100 HP Vtwins hitting a 100MPH on pea gravel track.
Some guys go into the curves low and come out high.
Some go in high and come out low...
and they criss cross in the middle of the curve....Its insane.
I don't now how they do it.

Home page
They have some pretty cool videos

Due to COVID19, the race(s) have been rescheduled from end of June to end of July.
Race 1 is Friday July 31, Race 2 is Saturday August 1st.
They have Motor home hook ups for $35 a night.
Tent camping is free.

We take a group every year.
Hope to see ya  there



Note:  Lima is half mile race.

I normally prefer the mile races.  On those they hit 140MPH on the straights.

Springfield Illinois is THE best mile .  Clay track, they run 3 and 4 wide in the turns.
  Sliding sideways, banging handelbars at 100 MPH in those turns.
  Last years Race was outstanding

Springfield also has a dual header again this year - Labor Day weekend.
We're going to that one again this year too.

Recently they gave been adding serval short track and TT races to the schedule.
  I'm not a fan of those.
  Like watching Motocross and Speedway. Not my cup of tea





THANX Bob, considering just like last year, which didn't pan out for me...  :-[ :-[

will drop a note to ya If I can get some of my ADV pals interested in going..
just gotta get "mobile" again.. i.e. license stickers for bike and toter trailer, etc.,