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Lost Another To The TT


At least he was doing what he loved.  I have to respect him for that.  There is lots to be said about this from every angle.  Words won't bring him back though. :'(  Sincere condolences to all that will miss him. 


It is sad.  I do have to say though that if you are riding that race and are not saying to yourself it is a good day to die each day you ride you are just fooling yourself.  That rock wall, cliff, building, curbs... are close

Road Runner

So sad for those left behind. Remind me that we better be ready to meet out maker, every day. One never knows when her/his number will be called ...


Still one of the few things left where they haven't attempted to make it absolutely safe with absolutely no chance of anyone ever getting hurt for any reason whatsoever. That's racing the way it should be. Sad? Yes. We all make decisions, we all take calculated risks, he raced, sometimes this happens. Should we make the race safer? No. Leave it alone, that's what makes it what it is.