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Mobile Access to Forum - How?


I've tried accessing the forum through my phone's browser (Firefox) with no success.
I enter my email (the one on my profile), and my password (confirmed correct by changing and changing back using the "change password" link). When I tried it again, it tells me to "...check my email address and password and try again".
Am I holding my tongue wrong? Can anyone help?


Staff member
I just tried it with my Samsung browser. No problem.

So, does the browser fill in ****** for your password automatically? If so, it may be filling in a previous password. I'd delete those ***s and retype in the new password manually.

If that doesn't work, then I'd go back to a more basic approach. Get logged in on a full-sized computer (anything bigger than a cell phone), and get the access working that way. Then once you have that working, while you're sitting there at the computer screen, try your phone. It could be something as simple as being fat-fingered like me and thinking you typed a ";" when you really wanted a ":". ;)


S Smith

Northeast Area Director
In addition to above, verify that the new website URLs are used:
Main website/member portal: www.concours.org
Forum: forum.concours.org

Something else to try... Log in first on the main website clicking remember me, then go to the forum website and click on the Log In button. It should automatically log in to your account. If not, then something is wonky with the mobile browser being used.


Nothing worked.
I then did the "forgot password" thing...it let me change the password from my phone, and THEN it let me log in.
I logged in and changed it back, not it seems to work fine.
BTW, I did not have the browser remember my password; I never do that as a matter of principle.
Seems to be working OK now - go figure!
Thanks for the tips; you guys tried.