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Mountain Runner flash

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I had been on the fence for a long time considering what flash to get as there seemed to be positive reviews of both. Recent posts on other sites swayed my decision so I gave Steve Sefsick a call.
Steve reviewed my bike's configuration which is not as common as I thought it would've been with what I've read about folks playing with different exhaust configs.
Bike is a 2012 with 2008 ZX14 Header and 2014 ZX14 Stock exhaust. This configuration made no noticeable change to the bikes performance. Maybe ran a little smoother at lower RPMs.
I told Steve about my complaints about the performance since new. Steve indicated that was a common complaint and that most of his flashes address it. My biggest issue was choppiness when going through the gears and the slow response on the secondary's.

Steve ran me through his process on continual development with his flashes and the equipment he uses for it. Steve told me he used a bike as a test bed for developing the MR flash that was very close to mine. Same configuration but different year pipes and header. Steve made sure I understood the flash may not be optimum in all cells of the map due to the different year exhaust. I made the call to move forward and I can not be more happy I did.
I expected to feel a few improvements but not close to the degree I did. It is truly a different bike. Immediately at idle, it's not hunting and surging. Its very smooth. Throttle response is crisper. At low speed and slow turns its very smooth. In moderate accel the flies open quickly and the is a very noticeable power increase. Hard accel is amazing! The winner for me is throttle behavior when running up and down thru the gears. Smooth as silk. I had a big smile on my face on that first run.

Second run I ran 2-up. The was again a huge improvement there as well.

Third run almost garnered me a ticket. I was powering on a freeway onramp that I always use at the higher RPMS 6500-7K. My speed was a lot faster at the end of that ramp than its ever been.  The cop was cool. He pulled up along side of me hand gesturing to slow it down.

Overall this has been an incredible experience and I'm glad I waited until the MR was developed..

Next month I'm taking it to the Black Hills. I'll be sure to add to this review shortly afterwards. I promise it will be a lower calorie read
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