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Mountain Runner Premium upgrade from Decel flash

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This is not your typical review. I was looking for something different... stay  "tuned."  :nananana:

All I can say is the difference is satisfying. I moved to the C-14 in 2015 from a C-10 and Steve updated the flash to the Decel at the Helen National rally. What a difference that made and I was satisfied. But....times change, technology and processes improve, but I was still satisfied.....I thought. I bought a 2008 Goldwing 1800 in Feb of 2018 and man, is she smooth. I just love rolling on/off in the sweepers of our mountains. But now I'm looking at the C-14, sort of funny... I listen to guys. I hear things, and I ride both bikes. Seems like something better was available. I won an upgrade from Shoodabeen as a doorprize at the Williamsport National rally in 2019 and thought, "well, it's okay, I'll do it....sometime..." I continued to ride the Wing.

I was on a ride a few weeks ago and had to do a high speed pass on the Wing (it's was COLD outside) and the Wing did "okay." Halfway through the pass, I'm missing the rocketship. Came home and the rain continued. Talked to a few guys, heard some stories, you know the drill. Last Wednesday, I'm working from home and decided to pull the ECU to see if it would help (remember? smooth? powerful? roll on/off? lots of torque? you know, the reasons I bought the C-14 to begin with?).

Off the C-14 ECU went to Florida, arriving on Saturday and I immediately got a call from Steve double checking my choice. He knows where and how I ride and I had asked for ONE thing, but he knew I needed, or would rather have, another. Talk over, he loaded the Mountain Runner Premium version and shipped it back on Monday. It arrived back yesterday (Wednesday) for a one week, start to finish turnaround. No problem putting it back except for the cheapo Kawa tool kit box. What a POS. But I managed that. Hit the starter, VROOM!!!! Baby lives!! Shut down and back to work.

I couldn't ride immediately because of my work, but I got out today. Spring arrives tonight and it's 80 degrees here in beautiful North Ga. MY GOSH.... It's like the man shrunk the parts of the Wing that I love (smooth roll on/offs, from start to finish, lots of torque and kept the best of the C-14 - smooth, roomy, lots of stupid acceleration and better gas mileage/power). There's a loop I ride regularly at lunch so I hit it. But I was not alone....  Luckily, I JUST missed a close encounter with a Ga State Trooper (Hi Ossifer!! Just out for a little ride..)  ;)

Roll on; roll off. Wind it up. Triple digits --- RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW! ( or so I'm told... ;D)  Smooth shifts, linear acceleration after an easy start off, seat clenching acceleration, the more it got, the more it had to give. I GIVE UP!! I want to drive tomorrow.

Steve's service was awesome. The flash is refined and as docile as a Tennessee Walker crossed with an Arabian, smooth but ready to give whatever you want. Wow. Thanks Steve!!
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