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Mountain Runner to Hammer flash

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  I had the Mountain Runner for over a year, don't recall may be close to two. I really liked it but wanted more especially the lower end and Steve upgraded me to the Hammer. I say upgrade because that's my thoughts, truly an upgrade in every way.
  Before I get into the review, I didn't know what I was missing when I first flashed the Mountain Runner and was impressed. I can say the same about the Hammer and so glad I did.

This flash is still smooth throughout, smooth shifts similar to my previous Mountain Runner flash.  I don't really notice any loss in smoothness.  Improved lower range throttle response, more torque, more HP, and still smooth. This is a noticeable difference coming off the Mountain Runner, it just seems to do everything better, rolls-on's bring huge ear to ear grin. I'm impressed with the noticeable manageable rideability improvement. The lower end is exactly what I was looking for, very sharp instant response, but still smooth with no more lag. Just how a big engine should be tuned and respond. I believe this is just plain better, if you ride mellow and tour it will do that, if you get stupid crazy it will do that too. It just seems to run better and smoother thru the entire range. I bought the whole engine with this bike and enjoy being able to use it. This is an absolute thrill to ride now and will bring me miles of smiles.

Hats off to Steve for unleashing the beast in my C14. This is an awesome flash. How it Shoodabeen. Thank you!!
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