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My impressions of Mountain Runner/Premium flash-05/29/19

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Shoodabeen Engineering MR Premium flash.
Installed 5/28/2019
First test run 5/29/2019 @06:30 AM. Ambient temp. 57 deg. F, calm winds, blue skies.
Granted, my 2013 C-14 had not been ridden for 12 days due to ECU shipping and a holiday weekend which delayed the return, but I know I did not forget that much in that time span.
A small perceived difference was noted right from the push of the start button; the exhaust note seemed a tad bit “growlier”, if such a word exists. No…there was a definite change in the usually thrumming power churn; perhaps the way the TB’s were sucking air through the system, but once warmed for 2 minutes we got underway as normal.
After 1 mile I was sure that the tones as heard through my normal riding gear and while navigating the first set of sweeps were changed slightly as was the feel of this beast, not major, but certainly not just from a nearly 2-week hiatus. After mile #2 I was thinking it felt like when I geared down my ZX-10, the throttle response and speed increase was quicker, perhaps also perceived by a slightly raspier exhaust note. RPM being the same, I cruised through town about 4 MPH faster indicated than I usually run.
Once I got on the five mile, 55posted section to work I rowed through 5th and the sensation of gaining speed was definitely one of greater rapidness, and I said to self,” I can’t wait ‘til this afternoon to take her up into the 7 to 8K RPM range.”. The thought that maybe the speedo reading had been compromised went away as I rolled past my daily radar reader sign that read 59 as I held it as close to 60 as my wrist allowed.
Speaking of said joints, I believe I felt a tab bit more vibration in the grips on my normal commute; not egregious but I will pay attention on longer rides. 6th gear still yielded the prodigious drop in ratio to provide plenty of comfort on the throttle locked straights.
Second test run 5/29/2019 @5:15 PM. Ambient temp. 81 deg. F, winds 14 MPH from NE, partly cloudy skies.
Heading for home via a couple of longer straight stretches, the warmer air seemed to make the bike sound more like her old self. When I rolled around a corner in 2nd and grabbed a fistful of throttle she turned into a stump pulling succubus from hell! Now, the first MR flash made such a huge difference in all areas that it is probably splitting hairs trying to sort out the newest changes, but this one is definitely living up to the claims.
The non-stop, meteoric climb of the tack needle to redline almost caught me off guard and shifting to 3rd, 4th, and 5th did not slow it down. Well into triple digits I hit the calming 6th gear and rolled of before I lost my license. Before it was a nice strong pull, but this is more of a rabid clawing at the forces holding it to the earth. Glad for my stickier Dunlop Q3 tires, I found the next straight and started in first. Hold on!! It was no fluke the first time and will be very nice for those times when you just need to wax somebody with the ‘fat ninja’.
During this entire round trip my average mileage number did not drop, only 25 or 30 miles but that impressed me as well.
Well played sir!
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